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What to Consider When Buying Car Boot Liners

Boot liners can help to protect the car boot from contaminants like spills and mud. When put in the boot, these accessories also protect the paint and original carpet from being damaged by sharp or hard objects. By using a boot liner, you will keep the car clean and potentially increase its resale value.

There are different types of car boot liners in the market. It is important to carry out a thorough research before settling on any specific boot liner. Read on for an overview of the things to consider before purchasing a boot liner.

Do the Liners Fit?
Different boot liners are made to fit specific vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether you choose an OEM or aftermarket boot liner as long as its specifically designed for the type of car you have. When you purchase a fitting liner, it will neatly cover any stains that may be on the boot carpet.

However, you will pay more for OEM liners than you would for universal liners. Your vehicle boot is likely to be covered by most universal liners. However, the look of the liners is slightly rougher than OEM liners.

The best thing with buying universal liners is that you can trim them to fit the boot shape of your vehicle.

Check the Material
Another important thing to consider before buying a boot liner is the type of material used to make it. Most boot liners are made of flexible rubber that can take the shape of the boot. The flexibility of rubber boot liners means they can fit your vehicle without getting damaged or cracking.

Another advantage of boot liners made of rubber is that they are water-resistant. However, keep in mind that rubber boot liners can be a little heavy.

Apart from rubber, you will come across boot liners made from a low-density polyethylene (LDPE). The material looks quite similar to plastic and is mostly used in manufacturing aftermarket boot liners. Compared to rubber, LDPE is easier to work with and more affordable. Unlike rubber, LDPE can be formed to a variety of shapes.

The last type of boot liners you can buy are those made of carpet. The liners are made from thick carpet. Carpet boot liners standout with their soft, less utilitarian look. However, they still do a great job of protecting the original carpet in the car’s boot.

It is critical to carry out proper research to find the ideal boot liner to buy. The above are two important things you should consider before buying a car boot liner.

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